When is fiber coming to your neighborhood?


Are you tired of not having a say about your Internet speeds?

One of the most frequently asked questions that STRATA receives is “When do I get fiber in my neighborhood?”

Well, we finally have an answer for you! STRATA Networks is ready to expand fiber internet to neighborhoods who are interested and YOU can have a say where we built next! Uintah Basin residents interested in getting connected to fiber in their neighborhood/zone can register their fiber interest by going to connect.stratanetworks.com.

Once STRATA has enough residents committed to receiving fiber in their neighborhood/zone and reach their commitment goal, STRATA will push their zone to the top of the list in the fiber construction plans.  Don’t let your neighborhood come in last! Register your fiber interest at connect.stratatnetworks.com, or call 435-622-5007 for more information.


Why Fiber? 

Internet that is delivered over fiber-optic lines is capable of some of the fastest speeds in the world. Fiber connected locations in the Uintah Basin are capable of speeds up to 1,000 Mbps. With faster internet speeds, your Internet experience will be faster and more responsive. No more buffering or slow downloads. This is particularly helpful for homes or businesses with heavy usage, or several connected devices.


When you visit connect.stratanetworks.com you will be asked to input your address. Once your address is verified, you will receive one of four answers:

 1. Congratulations!

Your address is within the service area for a potential build-out of our fiber services. We want to know who is interested in gigabit internet (1,000 Mbps). This is your chance to make your voice heard and get fiber to your neighborhood sooner. The areas that are closest to reaching their goal will be prioritized in our fiber construction plans. Take note of your service area to keep track of your progress.

By completing the following steps, you will express your interest in subscribing to gigabit-speed internet for at least one year. 

We’re excited to show you what’s possible with faster more reliable internet!

2. Congratulations!

Your address is in an area that is served with fiber and is capable of Gigabit Internet! To start or upgrade services, please take a moment to provide us with your contact information. We’ll contact you soon with the next steps in the process.

3. Congratulations!

Your neighborhood is served by coax, which we are currently upgrading to be capable of delivering Gigabit internet! Please fill out your information and we’ll be in touch to let you know when this upgrade will be completed.

4. Not quite yet…

While your address is not in an area that we have plans to build fiber to in the immediate future, if we receive enough expressions of interest in your neighborhood, we may be able to build sooner.

To let us know you’re interested in Gigabit speed internet (1,000 Mbps), just fill out your contact information. You can encourage your neighbors to express their interest as well.

(Optional) – I’d like to speak with a STRATA Networks representative about ways to promote fiber to people in my neighborhood and help meet our pre-registration goal.


STRATA Fiber Champion:

If you are interested in getting fiber to your neighborhood faster, then opt to become a fiber champion!

What does it mean to be a STRATA Champion? We are relying on YOU and your neighbors to tell us who gets fiber first! If you want to help accelerate the process of getting fiber in your neighborhood, the best thing you can do as a STRATA Champion is to help your neighborhood (zone) reach its service requirement goal.

What is a service requirement goal? As a STRATA Champion, you encourage your neighbors to register their interest in fiber by signing up at connect.stratanetworks.com. Your neighborhood zone will compete with other neighborhood zones to be the first built. Each neighborhood zone works together to reach the 100% service commitment goal. The commitment of the neighborhood helps STRATA know where to apply resources and will help push your zone to the top of the list on the fiber construction buildout plan.

Periodically throughout the year, STRATA will select two zones who have met their commitment goal. The variable logistics of fiber construction make it difficult to give a precise timeline, but our objective is to begin the fiber buildout within six months of the zone reaching their service requirement goal.

As a STRATA Champion, you may also hand out information in the form of flyers, door hangers, etc. to educate your neighbors about the benefits of fiber. Pre-register, and you and your neighbors may be the next to have access to the fastest and most reliable internet service around!

Sign up at connect.stratanetworks.com and speak out for fiber in your neighborhood zone.

STRATA NETWORKS is the leading telecommunications provider in the Uintah Basin, providing advanced voice, broadband, television, and nationwide wireless services. The company is headquartered in Roosevelt, Utah with a coverage area extending into a tri-state region, serving over 60,000 customers. STRATA celebrates over 60 years of technology expertise, exceptional customer relations, and a devout corporate social responsibility to its community. The company functions as a local cooperative, in which customers can also become member-owners of the company who may receive patronage dividends and participate in company voting processes. More information is available at www.stratanetworks.com.

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