Helping people connect with each other has always been our major focus. The company has taken steps—building layer upon layer—forming a rock solid foundation of the latest technology.

It all started in 1948 when two farmers stood in a field wondering why residents in outlying areas were told they could not receive telephone service. Others had said it was because construction charges were too prohibitive. One of the men, E. Floyd Ross, believed that anything was possible. He took action and organized a board, consisting of eight ranchers and farmers. Each person represented a portion of the Uintah Basin.

The cooperative’s goal was to fill the void left by for-profit companies who chose not to serve rural customers. By 1953, the company’s coverage extended more than 100 miles with over 750 customers.

The company grew as technology advanced. As customer needs evolved, the company introduced four new services over a span of eight years:
1989: Cellular Telephone
1992: Satellite Television
1995: Internet
1997: Long Distance

Other notable steps: in 1992, the company added fiber-optic technology for schools in the Uintah Basin, providing students the chance to learn from instructors many miles away and interact with their peers throughout the state.

In 2001, the company acquired the Duchesne, Roosevelt, and Vernal exchanges from Qwest. This move built upon the cooperative’s 50-year-old dream, as the local company began offering telephone service to the entire Uintah Basin. In addition, the company extended cooperative membership opportunities to newly acquired customers, and expanded the company’s local calling area throughout the entire Uintah Basin.

In 2009, the company purchased Uintah Video Productions, also known as VTV-Channel 6, to promote local television programming throughout the Uintah Basin, once again adding another solid layer to the company’s foundation.

Whether watching a favorite TV show in high definition, emailing a grandchild, or texting a friend on a compact smart phone, the company now serves multiple generations with a variety of services.

The cooperative continues to focus and build upon their heritage, delivering services to a diverse customer base within the Uintah Basin and beyond. We are moving forward—adding layer upon layer, strengthening and building upon the cooperative’s original foundation.


In June 2009, the cooperative changed the name to STRATA Networks and currently does business under this name. UBTA-UBET Communications is still the legal name of the business. The cooperative offers landline telephone service, broadband internet service, cable TV service and wireless phone service.

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