Protecting Your Home Network

Protecting Your Home Network

Most of us know that it’s important to protect your home computer with antivirus software, but what about ALL the other devices in your home that connect to the internet such as your thermostat, printer, cell phone, gaming device, security camera, or even your doorbell? Did you also know that smart home devices can be particularly vulnerable as they usually lack basic security settings?  

Protecting all the devices in your home is something to consider when thinking about antivirus software.

So, what is antivirus software and why is it important? Antivirus software is a set of programs designed to prevent, search for, detect, and remove software viruses, and other malicious software. Yes, thinking about protecting your home network with antivirus software is about as exciting as eating broccoli, but a recent survey completed by Calix, (a global provider of cloud and software programs), showed that 75% of consumers have been directly impacted by viruses or malware!

STRATA offers a new service, ProtectIQ, that will help you manage those threats and viruses for the devices in your home. ProtectIQ is an antivirus software program that provides malicious website protection, antivirus, and anti-ransomware inspection, and intrusion detection all in one. Wow, that was a mouthful!  So, what does all that mean and how can ProtectIQ help? Well, ProtectIQ monitors network traffic coming into your home, automatically blocking anything that looks suspicious.

Just to give you an example of how common viruses or malware are, STRATA, through ProtectIQ, has blocked 2,308 intrusion attempts and threats in the last two months, which is an average of 15 threats blocked per subscriber!

Most people purchase basic virus protection programs like Norton and McAfee, (which can be installed on a laptop, desktop, or perhaps a phone/tablet), but those programs don’t provide protection for ALL the other devices you may have in your home.  

If you do a quick check online to see how to protect your home network with antivirus software, you may find suggestions such as securing your Wi-Fi network, updating firmware, replacing outdated routers, or splitting up your home network into multiple SSIDs – WHOA! That is a lot for the average internet user to manage!

STRATA wants to help simplify the tedious task of antivirus software, and ProtectIQ does just that.

Here are a few of the amazing things that Protect IQ can do for your home network:

  • Block all attempts to visit known harmful websites and present you with a browser message indicating that the website is not available or that the connection was terminated.
  • Provide an active security monitoring service that uses a large database of known threats. The database of threats is constantly growing as new threats emerge and the application’s database is kept up to date weekly in the cloud.
  • Terminate the transfer of data from the internet before a malicious payload is delivered to any vulnerable network devices.
  • Send notifications to users whenever a security issue is triggered. These alerts include details about the device that was attacked, where the attack came from, and when the attack occurred.

Let STRATA Networks set your mind at ease with ProtectIQ – and rather than going through all the complicated steps for antivirus software; simply use ProtectIQ for network-level protection.


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