STRATA Holds 61st Annual Meeting

STRATA NETWORKS held its 61st annual meeting on Tuesday, June 10, 2014, at the Roosevelt Jr. High School. STRATA members and customers enjoyed a barbeque dinner, saw demonstrations of new developments in technology, and attended a business meeting held afterward. Elections were held for board positions in the Duchesne, Flattop, Fruitland, and Lapoint districts. Winners were announced as follows: Duchesne District – Rick Coil; Flattop District – Dean L. Brough; Fruitland District – Kent R. Peatross; Lapoint District – Aaron J. Reary. Newly elected directors will serve a three-year term.

Cooperative members received reports from Board President Greg Garff, CEO/General Manager Bruce H. Todd, and several other employees. Manager Todd focused on the Company’s goal of keeping up with the constant change of technology. Todd emphasized that the future looks bright for STRATA Networks because the Company has focused on strategic planning to prepare for expected changes.

Chief Operations Officer Jeff Goodrich expounded on that, stating that an aggressive strategic plan has been implemented to expand STRATA’s fiber optic network to better meet the current and future needs of customers. He announced that, as part of their initiative to expand broadband services, several Fiber Distribution Areas (FDAs) which include residential and business locations, will be equipped with fiber by the end of 2014.

Also covered during the business meeting was the expansion of STRATA’s 4G LTE network. Deployed in the fall of 2012, this network was the first of its kind in the Uintah Basin, bringing improved mobile broadband speeds up to 10 times faster than the previous 3G technology. With the addition of several 4G cell sites over the past two years, STRATA’s 4G service now covers more than 90% of the Uintah Basin’s population.

Director of Marketing & Public Relations Tyler Rasmussen announced recent changes in wireless and broadband plan offerings. Since May 2014, wireless plans now include a DataShare option which allows customers to share data across five phones or mobile devices. Broadband packages have also been modified to include significantly lower rates for higher-tiered speeds.

Human Resource Manager Andrew Adamson reminded members of the recent change in Utah traffic laws. As of May 15, 2014 a new traffic law was put in place that prohibits usage of a mobile device while driving. To encourage members to comply with these changes, hands-free phone kits were given away to all members present.

Manager Todd stated that the company continues to face significant challenges with the regulatory rulemaking of the Federal Communications Commission. Despite federal regulations challenging rural telecommunication providers and their customers, STRATA continues to be an active participant in State and National associations working to advocate the message of rural carriers, Todd said.

Recently, the Board approved changes to the Cooperative bylaws. The bylaw changes now allow members to receive patronage for wireless services, in addition to internet and landline services. With this change put in place, STRATA is encouraging members to link their services to one membership account in order to accumulate more patronage each year. Landline service remains mandatory for Cooperative membership and patronage accrual.

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