How We Connect Lives

See how the people in our community are making powerful and meaningful connections every day.

Code Club

Most kids understand how to use computers, but often times they don’t understand how they actually work. Uintah County Library is trying to change that. Watch the video to find out how.

2019 STRATA Service Day

On Saturday, June 29th, we celebrated our inaugural service day at STRATA. We had nearly 100 STRATA employees and family members who gathered to volunteer in different areas of the Uintah Basin. We really enjoyed dedicating the day to serving our local communities and helping to improve the areas we care about!

Broadband in the Basin

Living in a rural community, access to high-speed internet is as critical to us as it is anyone else. That's why we are working every day to connect as many homes and businesses to our fiber network as possible. This video gives you a glimpse into the many impacts that fiber is having on the Uintah Basin and explains why we take such pride in being the ones who are connecting our community.

In the Classroom

Technology is empowering students to do more, reach more, and discover more. In this video, Colleen Stewart, a teacher at Uintah Middle School, shares some ways that technology is helping to fuel education and how teaching digital skills to our youth is preparing the next generation for safety and success in a tech-integrated world.

Behind the Scenes of the Tower Crew

We use our cell phones more than any other device that we own. But, do we really know what it takes to make them function? Take a behind-the-scenes look at the crew that is responsible for building and maintaining over 100 cell sites across three states that make up STRATA's wireless network. See some of the harsh and dangerous conditions they face in remote areas to provide cell coverage where nobody else does.

Programming Your Life

From Brazil to France, to Australia and Canada, Ben Anderson teaches all around the world. His travels, though, consist only of moving from his bedroom to his living room. Ben is a well-known video game instructor who teaches internet-based courses to thousands of students from right here in the Uintah Basin. This video shows us how his passion for technology grew in to a successful business.


Jasmyne's story shows us that with the power of technology, a big world can feel a whole lot smaller. Watch to see how she is using the internet to make a difference in lives halfway across the world.

2018 Trees for Charity

The Trees for Charity auction is something we look forward to participating in every year & this year was no exception! It's events like these that make the Uintah Basin shine brighter throughout the holiday season and all year long. Great job to everyone who helped put this event together!

Casual Preppers Podcast

By day, Cam & Coby are two working professionals busy raising families and leading full-time careers. By night & weekend, they are co-hosts of a successful podcast that entertains & educates the everyday person on the art of “casual prepping." This video tells the story of how they've been able to use the power and reach of the internet to turn a hobby into a thriving brand.

Vernal Haunt

For nearly 30 years, Hotel Vernal has sat vacant & abandoned on Main Street...until now. This Halloween season, the hotel doors are opening once again - this time as Vernal's very own haunted hotel. Visitors can enter at their own risk to relive the ghosting sightings and paranormal experiences that the building is known for, and they can do it while giving back to local charities.

Emergency Medical Services

We are grateful for our local emergency medical technicians. Their knowledge and skills can be life-saving in high pressure situations, and connected technologies play an increasingly important role in the work they do. Check out this closer look at the challenging and rewarding life of an EMT.

Vernal Theatre Live

Vernal Theatre Live is a resource in our community that brings the Uintah Basin together to discover and celebrate the arts. This video tells you about how the Vernal Theatre relied on the internet to gather funding for their productions.

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