Filtering Methods

In accordance with Utah Legislation S.B. 134, STRATA Networks is offering or suggesting content filtering methods for materials harmful to minors through third-party providers. STRATA does not provide or prefer any specific third-party vendor. STRATA is able to refer customers to commercially available options that do provide a reasonable method of filtering the receipt of material harmful to minors.

Outline of suggested filtering types and methods:

  • Software – Application installed on device that performs filtering service based on the application features available.
    • Options: Net Nanny, Symantec Norton Family, Kaspersky Safe Kids, Circle with Disney, Qustodio.
  • Hardware – Broadband connected device (e.g. router or modem) that performs filtering service for connected devices based on configurable options included or supported.
    • Options: Clean Router, Router Limits, Circle with Disney on Commercial routers.
  • DNS – Alternative primary and secondary addresses to that of an Internet provider, this alternative service provides benefits of hardware solution without the hardware.
    • Options: OpenDNS, SafeDNS, DNSFilter, WebTitan, ChurchDNS.
  • Internet Proxy – Service that often requires subscribing to and configuring the device(s) to use Internet proxy filter.
    • Options: Safe Squid, DansGuardian, GateSentry
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) – Subscription based service that connects Internet device(s) to secure virtual private network which filters content based on advertised features and services.
    • Options: PureVPN, Curbi

We encourage customers to research and analyze the appropriate filtering method for their particular needs. If you would like further information regarding how to select an appropriate content filter please call us (435)622-5007.

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