About STRATA Plus:

STRATA Plus Frequently Asked Questions

What is STRATA Plus?

STRATA Plus is a program that provides you the flexibility to upgrade early, and pay for your phone over 24 months rather than paying for it all upfront. You'll make a monthly payment until your phone's full retail price is paid off completely.

After 12 months, or if you've paid for at least 50% of the phone, you'll have the option to upgrade to a new phone without any upgrade fees.

To be eligible, the original phone purchased must be returned in good working condition and have no significant damage as determined by STRATA Networks.


What are the benefits of STRATA Plus?

With STRATA Plus, you can: 

  • Enjoy the latest technology available by upgrading your phone more frequently.
  • Upgrade without additional fees or finance charges.
  • Purchase a new phone with a low monthly payment and no upfront cost.
  • Receive a discount up to $20 per phone off of your monthly line access charges each month. 
Who is eligible for STRATA Plus?

Your phone must be eligible for an upgrade and you must:

  • Have a trade-in phone in good working condition (as determined by STRATA)
  • You sign a new 2-year lease agreement with a STRATA Plus monthly payment plan
What devices are eligible for STRATA Plus?

All STRATA smartphones and basic phones are eligible. Other mobile devices, such as tablets and mobile hotspots, qualify for Plus but will not receive the $10-$20 discount available for phones (i.e. $10 monthly data device fee still applies). 

How much does STRATA Plus cost?

There are no upfront costs to join STRATA Plus. You make a device payment each month that appears on your bill that varies based on the retail price of the device you are financing.

Can I add handset replacement to a phone on a lease plan?

Yes. You can purchase handset replacement or Apple Care to protect against loss or damage. 

I'm an existing STRATA wireless customer under a service agreement. Can I participate in this program?

Yes. You can participate in the program provided you are upgrade eligible. STRATA customers who are currenlty under a 2-year contract agreement are eligible to initiate a new STRATA Plus financing plan provided they have completed at least 12 months of their 24 month contract period and trade in a handset in good working condition (as deemed by STRATA).

Is this program available for prepaid accounts?

No. Prepaid accounts aren't currently eligible for STRATA Plus.

Is the line access fee less with STRATA Plus?

Yes, for smartphones with STRATA Plus, you will receive a $20 discount off of your monthly line access fee on each line. Basic phones on STRATA Plus will receive a $10 monthly discount on each line. 

For example, if you have two smartphones with Unlimited Talk & Text, the line access fee on a 2-year contract would be $80. With STRATA Plus, it would be reduced to $40. 

How many STRATA Plus agreements can I have on my account?

You can have lease agreements for up to five devices on your account at any given time. Business accounts are not eligible for STRATA Plus handset financing but may qualify for the monthly discount on Unlimted Talk & Text plans when paying retail price for their device or by providing a compatible device to be used when service is activated.

Does the STRATA Plus program require an agreement?

Yes. When you participate in the program, you will enter into a 24-month agreement. However, this agreement is different from a traditional 24-month contract because you can upgrade your device after 12 months or after you have paid 50% of the 24-month installment balance.

Can I pay more than my scheduled monthly STRATA Plus installment?

Yes. You may pay more than your monthly installment if seeking to upgrade to a new device early. You may also pay off 100% of your installment payments at any time.

How can I determine the remaining balance of my lease agreement?

You can find this information by calling 435-622-5007 or by visiting any STRATA store.

If my STRATA Plus phone is lost, stolen, or damaged, will I still need to make my monthly payments?

Yes. You'll continue to be responsible for your monthly payments under your STRATA Plus contract. We encourage you to sign up for handset replacement coverage to protect your phone.

If I voluntarily suspend service to my phone, am I still required to make my monthly STRATA Plus payments?

Yes. If you voluntarily suspend service to your phone (with or without billing), you'll still need to make your monthly payments under your Plus agreement.

I paid off 100% of the monthly installments associated with my STRATA Plus phone. Can I trade it in and use the trade-in value toward the cost of a new phone under a new STRATA wireless agreement?

Yes, you may trade in a device after completing your 24 month agreement and receive the value for the trade. STRATA will provide a value based on the condition of your handset.

Are DataShare plans with STRATA Plus considered a qualifying service for a multiple service discount?

Yes, customers who subscribe to DataShare wireless plans (with or without STRATA Plus) are eligible for a 10% discount if they also subscribe to two other qualifying services.

STRATA Plus: Requires a 24-month 0% APR installment agreement and qualifying credit. Tax applied at sale. Wireless service (voice & data) required and is additional. STRATA Plus service is subject to wireless customer and retail installment agreements. Limit of five STRATA Plus devices per account. Additional devices may be added to account but will require a 2-year contract. Device balance comes due if service is cancelled. Upgrade option: payment of 12 months of Plus payments or 50% of the installment balance on an account in good standing, trade-in a device in good working condition, and purchase of a new eligible wireless device on qualifying service plan.