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Youth Brand Ambassador Program

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are not currently accepting Youth Ambassador applications.

Join the STRATA Networks team as a Youth Brand Ambassador for an opportunity to gain real-world work experience, earn money, and have a good time with other youth in the community while doing it.

Your future self will thank you.

What is the Ambassador Program?

The STRATA Networks Youth Brand Ambassador Program brings together young individuals from across the Uintah Basin for a paid opportunity to gain real-world work experience by serving as an extension of STRATA’s marketing department.  One ambassador is selected from each local high school in the area (Altamont, Duchesne, Tabiona, Terra Academy, Uintah, Uintah River, and Union) to represent and promote STRATA at school functions and events in their communities. Not only is the program a great way to develop leadership and communication skills, it’s also a great first step in launching a promising career in marketing, public relations, or telecommunications. Oh, and did we mention you get paid for it?

What does an Ambassador do for STRATA?

Youth Ambassadors are responsible for helping with current outreach efforts organized by STRATA and also suggesting new ideas to positively promote STRATA and its services to the youth in our community. Tasks might include helping out with company events like the STRATA Charity Golf Classics or Annual Meeting, helping to organize service projects in your schools or communities, representing STRATA during community celebrations/parades, or helping to organize on-campus events at your school on behalf of STRATA. 

What will you get out of being an Ambassador for STRATA?

Not only is the Ambassador Program a paid job opportunity, but it’s also a unique asset to add to your resume when pursuing a future career. Participating in the program can bring many added benefits such as learning to work as a team, building confidence, and mastering lifelong skills that can be applicable to any career path. As an Ambassador, you will gain:

  • Leadership experience
  • Hourly wage compensation
  • Real-world work experience
  • Monthly stipend towards wireless/cellular service
  • Development of communication skills
  • Letter of recommendation(s)
  • Chance to connect with youth from other schools in the area

Who is eligible to be an Ambassador?

Any student between the ages of 15-18 who is enrolled in a local high school can apply. Your parents must be members of STRATA Networks in order to be eligible.

What kind of skills or characteristics should an Ambassador have?

We’re looking for individuals who are organized & proactive, and who demonstrate creative thinking, good communication skills, and enthusiasm. Ambassadors should be outgoing, approachable, and comfortable with public speaking as well as conversing with large groups of people. They need to have a flexible schedule and be willing to work during some evenings, weekends, and during school functions and community celebrations.

So, are you ready to join our team?

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